MedMen University Budtender Training Course

What’s In A Course

Secure a Job in an Exploding Industry

Medical Marijuana has countless job opportunities for qualified candidates

Learn From Top Industry Professionals

MedMen has helped to open and operate more than 100 marijuana businesses

Gain an Edge in the Job Market

Understand how a dispensary operates day-to-day

Know Everything About The Product

Be able to identify strains and discuss their properties and effects

Train in a Hands-On Environment

Practice budtending in our “How To Work With Patients” seminar

Become Certified

Earn your Official MedMen University Budtending Certification

Get Trained

In the MedMen Budtending Course you will be taught by one of our industry professionals.
We wrote the book on Budtending, literally, which is why each participant will receive the Budtending Manual to go hand in hand with the presentation.

Reference Information

The Budtending Manual contains tons of reference information for you to use on and off the job.

Use this information to talk confidently about medical marijuana and become an expert in the industry yourself.

Charts And Tables

Make sure you are serving your patients right.
Charts can easily guide you to the right place.

Get Certified

Upon completion of your Budtender Training Course, you will receive your MedMen University Budtender Certification card.

Your certification is the proof of your depth of knowledge and skills as a budtender.

It is a way to sell yourself to your future employers, and to tell them that you are already familiar with the product and a budtender’s tasks.

Get Hired

Certified budtenders gain access to My MedMen: an exclusive database connecting aspiring budtenders with collectives in their area.

Register your certification and upload your resume for a fast and easy way to find and apply to budtending positions.

Take advantage of The MedMen’s vast network of potential employers to streamline your job hunt.

Gain an edge on thousands of other applicants going door-to-door in search of employment in this highly sought-after position.

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